How we work
Turning your ideas into reality

  • Initiate

    Make the first move

    After receiving your interest in our organization, we plan our first interaction. Our team member will have a detailed conversation with you to understand your aspirations and requirements. For the more experienced clients, you have sent us your specifications document

    What does that look like? So you have this great idea and think to yourself, "Wow, if only I could get that to actually work!" This is where many successful "start-ups" we have had the privilege to help with began. Now you need someone to talk to who understands your idea, can help you realize it and will not run away with it or pass it on to anyone else. This may be a start-up idea, an add-on to your business, automating your brick-and-mortar business or an app to make your customers experience more streamlined, which in return gives you more customer retention. The possibilities are endless. In your first FREE consultation by Skype, you will have the opportunity to run through your idea with a project analyst. This is someone who knows how to translate your idea into a series of storyboards, like making a movie but for developers. This conversation is strictly confidential and can be preempted with an NDA should you feel that necessary.

  • Initiate

    Linking Pin

    We have had our Skype call, you have hired us and have sent us your tasks list/specs as discussed on the call, Now we will decide a central point of contact from both sides. One of our team members will be assigned to you, who stays in touch with you or your delegated team member throughout the project. The assigned team member will be responsible for all the data procurement and information sharing.

    And this means? This is the first part of your storyboard, the link between you or your company and us, your development team, we use various tools that streamline this link between us so no matter where you are on this round ball called Planet Earth, we create a team environment custom built for your particular needs and style of communication. Using technology to manage even the largest teams. You always hold the remote control.

  • Initiate

    Initial Design

    We will provide you with the design of your draft home page and an inner pages. This design can be modified if you feel the need. After finalizing the home page and the design elements, we start implementing the design on all the related pages.

    Is the functionality not the most important thing? We are often asked "Why do you work on the design first?" An appealing UI (user interface) UX (user experience) design can mean the difference between users choosing your online offering over someone else's. Like with anything, whether you are building something for internal company use or have come up with something that makes Facebook look like a Model T Ford, if your users don't like the look of it or its design is not user-friendly, no matter what, people will simply not use it.

    At Konektsoft we are sticklers for design and an appealing user experience, your successful application is our satisfaction, we want your repeat business so we work hard to make you successful.

  • Initiate


    The design layout is converted into a website using the best techniques and content management systems.

    But I am building something awesome, not just a website! Sure, we get that and your baby is our baby. How your website looks we have covered, now we get down to the nitty gritty. First let us run this by you. Elon Musk is someone we feel thinks along the same lines as we do when it comes to development and scaling a business, but we will get to that later. Elon said this about Tesla cars, "If you want people to use electric cars the ecological argument will not cut it, no one is going to choose an ugly, low range golf cart because it's environmentally friendly, it has to be the better option".

    Our developers and designers are the cream of the crop: we don't pay peanuts and don't hire monkeys, our standards are exacting, our principles are detail freaks to the point of OCD and this culture flows through our teams DNA, we all work on one level and within teams, not old fashioned hierarchical business structure This means there are many brains open and no question is a stupid one, so you can bet that we do not like verbose code, built-in bugs or low quality software.

    Never read this before on a software development website? We would not be surprised, we are strange and our software stands out because of this.

    Not just a bunch of nerds, we are a collective of brains, entrepreneurial spirits mixed with a good dose of visionary talent.

  • Final Review

    After creating the final version, we share the output with you. Your team can take a final review of all the content, pictures and other information. Final changes can be done at this stage before making the website live on the web.

    What, are we not done yet? Nope, it has to be perfect The Design storyboard and the functionality storyboard will now meet and it's time to review and find anything lurking around that either you or we feel could be improved on before the launch. This baby needs a test drive and that is what we will do together. You test it and we will too, let's see if we can red line this site, let's see if we can crash it, blow up the server, hack it, hit it with a hammer. Whatever this piece of beautiful code has been designed to do, we need to make sure it ticks all the boxes. We also say to our customers, "Hey, you have to be unafraid to launch, improvements can always be made along the way while you are collecting users or letting your teams lose on your new automation, app, tool, space ship. But what you let loose has to work out of the gate.

  • Launch

    The website is pushed to live on the web after your approval. If it's a part of the contract, we start working on the marketing, promotion and tracking your site on the search engines. As a separate operation while monitoring performance.

    So you handle everything? Yep, If that is what you want, it's no problem, we can take you from conception through design and build all the way to launch and beyond. We have fantastic connections with marketers, SEO's who know traffic generation with cutting edge techniques, who are regarded among the top ranked SEO's on the planet, we have built SEO and lead-generation platforms for entrepreneurs large and small around the Globe including Viral sharing platforms and SEO blogging platforms.

    Still reading? What about an all bells and whistles e-Commerce platform with multiple stores, yep, done that. What about an app that is an interactive travel-referral service, connecting travellers with qualified and customer-rated travel specialists. Yep, Done that too. The list goes on and on.

    We can go on and on...

    But it's not about us. Let's start talking about how we can help your business be more successful, your web presence to be more powerful.

    You think it, we build it, We all benefit.

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