Konektsoft is a full-feature web design and development company. At Konektsoft we appreciate humor, music, beautiful design and most importantly, quality code!

One of our founders puts the creation of quality code in a nutshell.
"Pay peanuts, get monkeys"
With this always on our minds we see many start-ups and even large companies looking for the cheapest deal they can get on developers and coders only to end up with us in the end to fix what someone else has started, it happens all the time,

Konektsoft is moving forward with a vision to be the leading company within the web application development space and are supported by great clients. Prompt turnaround, rapid quality support and low cost value added facilities are the key pillars of Kenektsoft. We focus on full-life cycle of E-commerce, Web Applications, Database Management, Mobile Application Development.

We put our 100% into what we undertake and get it completed, keeping our clients 100% satisfied. At Konektsoft, we value each and every customer, working with them as a partnership and strive to deliver the best in the industry. Either designing a logo or a complex application starting from scratch, each customer is served till they are 100% satisfied and this leads to building a long-term business relationship with us.

We strive to be the market leader in all of the business segments we operate in and deliver exceptional satisfaction to our customers.

"Get with the program, get it done right the first time around, Get Konektsoft on your programming today."